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Lohas & U-Healthcare Consumer Marketing

LUCM is in the center of the era of
smart healthcare combined with
U-Healthcare and ICT technology.

Thank you for visiting LUCM.
As the era of smart technology has dawned, digital healthcare which had been making slow progress due to many reasons, such as restriction, acceptance of customers, and technical support, is renewed as mobile healthcare.

Mobile healthcare expands the size of its market rapidly with the expanded supply of smart phone and the healthcare trend focusing on health management and prevention for reducing medical expenses.
LUCM will do its best until it is evaluated as a win-win model trusted by every customer through the integration of medical experts' know how and ICT in order to develop an innovative digital healthcare platform model with the fusion of ICT.

Digital healthcare is an area that pursues the innovation of healthcare area which might be the most sensitive part from an ethical, legal, and social aspect and we have no doubt that it will hugely satisfy customers in providing a medical health screening service platform to more people for free on a modularized medical system at a public place and a workplace at low cost, drawing positive response on the entire eco-system from customers.

The ecosystem of digital healthcare is based on a platform that manages personal health information (PHI) effectively and connects various kinds of personal health device (PHD), and personal health application (PHA) for collecting personal health information as well as health management and medical service providers organically.

LUCM competes in constructing a PHI platform for leading the ecosystem of digital healthcare and MACSEE is a platform that collects and analyses personal health information data through various processes and provides such to users and is expected to construct a measurement platform and to provide a cloud-based health management system as an equipment that evaluates personal and surrounding environment and performs advance management and prevention on the basis of the existing hardware manufacture.

Thank you.

CEO Nam Seung Min